Quizzes & Surveys

Our quizzes are created to challenge Founders to ask themselves questions they may not have considered. Surveys are part of our data-gathering, so we can learn more about founders and tell your stories!

Upstarts “Founders’ Readiness Quiz

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to be founder? Take the Upstarts Founders’ Readiness Quiz. This Quiz is for fun only, designed to provide prospective founders like you with some important questions to consider before you take the plunge. Click here to see what your score means!

Upstarts “Life After Startup Survey”

Have you walked through the fire and lived to tell the tale? I have.

This survey is for founders who have wound up their businesses or are about to close. From my own experience, I know this is a difficult subject. Information gathered from this survey may appear in content on this website, in a book project with the working title “Upstarts: Founders, Success, Failure, and the Startup Paradox” and related publications and broadcasts. 

Your story is important and can help others. Please don’t be shy! Responses are anonymous.