Founders’ Readiness Quiz

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to be founder? Take the Upstarts Founder’s Readiness Quiz. This Quiz is for fun only, designed to provide prospective founders like you with some important questions to consider before you take the plunge.  

How to read your results…

If you scored:

20-25: Giddy-up! Things look good. Of course you should always be aware of the potential risks; but your experience, idea, personality and support system suggest you have a better than average chance of succeeding. 

15-19: You’re checking lots of the right boxes, but there are some yellow flags you need to be aware of. Maybe you haven’t spent enough time on your idea, or you need a team to help you realize your vision, or you don’t have the resources to survive while the business develops. Keep working to address the main deficiencies, seek out mentors and proceed with caution.

Under 15: Back to the drawing board. Having a startup requires more than an idea, it requires a combination of imagination, determination and resources. If you’re still determined, great! Think about how to strengthen your concept and your ability to realize your vision.